Base 6 Clock

This base 6 clock obeys these rules:

Since we're used to looking at digital clocks with 2 digits for minutes and seconds, these values contain 2 base six digits. This allows six squared (36) values, including zero. Following the metric system's primary advantage of symetrical subdivisions, all sub measurements are subdivided the same way. Each day is broken into six squared (36) hours. Each hour is divided into six squared (36) minutes, and each minute has 36 seconds. Comparing the base 6 clock to our normal clock, we have these conversion values:

1 base 6 second = ~1.85 normal seconds

1 base 6 minute = 66 2/3 normal seconds

1 base 6 hour = 40 normal minutes

This works out fairly well, as far as our sensibilities should be concerned.It is not too far from what we mightconsider normal.

Why is the rest of the world so enamored of the metric system? If we're going to redesign widely accepted and prefectly workable measurement systems, let's consider base 10 arithmetic, itself. We use base 10 because we have 10 fingers, right? This Old Finger Counting should not be imune to our redesigning eye. I propose the New Finger Counting: using each hand as a separate place holder. Since each hand can naturally represent the values zero through five, one hand can keep track of how many times the other hand has started over after passing five. With one hand representing the "ones" (zero through five), and the other hand representing the "sixes" we can count up to 35 on our fingers, not just to 10! Base six is therefor the most efficient and natural number base for humans, not base 10.

And while we're at it, why not redesign our clocks? Why 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour and 60 seconds per minute? The main selling point of your metric system is that each succeeding unit is a factor of 10 bigger or smaller. It is symetrical. Well, now that we agree base 6 is superior, let's divide each day into six squared (36) hours, each hour into 36 minutes and each minute into 36 seconds. Very symetrical, and therefor superior to the Old Clock. When are you metric people going to realize you blew it and join me in counting and measuring things the right way?

Paul Guernsey Player